Care Management Services

Building Resilience. Restoring Hope.

Once a youth is referred to PCE, we immediately contact the family to begin the Wraparound process.

  • Using a Child and Family Team approach, PCE works with the family to develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that identifies and uses the strengths of the team to develop strategies to address the needs.
  • PCE then assists the family to identify community agencies or individuals that provide the needed services and guides the family in accessing them.
  • PCE has access to services such as outpatient counseling, behavioral assistance, tutoring, mentoring, intensive in-community therapy, spiritual programs, recreational programs, vocational training, out-of- home treatment and more.
  • PCE then monitors the progress of the youth to ensure that services are being delivered at the highest quality standards and that the needs identified by the family are being met.