Nurtured Heart Approach

At Partnership for Children of Essex (PCE) we believe that a stronger community begins with individuals equipped with hope and purpose, empowered to make decisions that help themselves, others and the community as a whole. PCE recognizes how the importance of family and the power of meaningful collaboration with others can positively influence each unique child and adolescent in need of having their hope and purpose restored. Through intensive care coordination as well as a community-based, strength based and family-driven approach, PCE empowers, advocates, and creates opportunities for healing and success.

The Nurture Heart Approach (NHA) consists of a set of strategies that assists youth in further developing their self-regulation and has been found effective with youth of all ages. It focuses on transforming the way youth perceive themselves, their caregivers, and the world around them. Youth learn to understand that they will receive praise, energy, recognition and reward through the positive behavior they display, and this supports youth to build a positive portfolio of themselves we call “Inner Wealth.”