What is Wraparound?

At Partnership for Children of Essex (PCE), we implement a Wraparound model of care when partnering with youth and families. Wraparound provides a comprehensive, individualized, and holistic approach that is youth and family driven.  A PCE Care Manager will work with the youth and caregiver to help build a Child and Family Team (CFT).  The team can include the youth and family’s friends, family members, and individuals from the community. In addition, service providers and other professionals can be a part of the team and serve as supports. With the help of the CFT, the youth and caregiver take the lead in creating a family vision and establishing goals while identifying areas of need and support. Through this process, the CFT will create individualized strategies and identify services to help the youth and caregiver achieve their goals and vision. Team members work together to put the plan into action, monitor how well it’s working, and change it as needed.

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