Partnership for Children of Essex (PCE) is a private non-profit care management organization (CMO) dedicated to assisting youth with complex needs that include: emotional/behavioral, intellectual/developmental and substance use. PCE is a part of New Jersey's Children's System of Care.  PCE utilizes a Wraparound model of care while working in partnership with youth and families to design and implement a plan of care that is specific to the youth's individual strengths and needs. PCE is committed to keeping youth safe in their home, school, and community.

PCE places a strong emphasis on our mission and values to guide the process when working with youth and families. If you would like to learn more about how to get connected to PCE click here.

Our Mission 

Working in partnership with youth, families, and the community, Partnership for
Children of Essex (PCE) creates a pathway for hope and improves the quality of life for
youth and their families in Essex County.


Our Vision

PCE is devoted to creating and sustaining a positive work environment that promotes teamwork, creativity, and leadership that encourages both personal growth and development. Utilizing our Wraparound Model of Care, we will instill hope and empower the people we serve. Through our commitment to quality services we will excel as leaders in our field.

PCE Core Values

  • Youth and families will be equal partners in the service planning and delivery process
  • The care management process will be supportive and respectful of family culture, values, strengths, and preferences
  • There is a belief and conviction that all children can grow, improve and become healthier