Partnership for Children of Essex
Sunday, February 17, 2019
A Pathway for Hope



Working in partnership with children, families, and the community, the Partnership for Children of Essex (PCE) will create a pathway for hope and improve the quality of life for children and their families in Essex County.



• Families will be equal partners in the service planning and delivery process.

• The care management process will be supportive and respectful of family culture, values, strengths, and preferences.

• There is a belief and conviction that all children can grow, recover, improve, and become healthier.


• Every success of every child and family being served is important and can be built upon to afford children and families the greatest opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

• All aspects of the PCE operations will build on the strengths and assets of children, families, organizations, and communities throughout Essex County.

• PCE will ensure accessibility for all services (time, location, transportation, and language), and have services available to families as close to their homes/communities as possible.

• The governance and employees of the PCE will be culturally diverse and reflective of the community it serves.

• The PCE will ensure that children, families, communities, and the organizations/resources that serve them understand the importance of finding and creating innovative solutions to the challenges that face children with emotional and behavioral challenges and families in Essex County.

• The PCE is accountable for forming working partnerships with families and all other stakeholders in the delivery of services to the children, families, and communities throughout Essex County.

• The PCE will develop Individual Service Plans that are goal directed, and responsibilities, agreements, and expectations for services will be established at the onset of service planning and continually reviewed and updated based on the evolving needs and preferences of children and families.

• Quality improvement and consumer satisfaction will drive the planning and delivery of PCE services.

• Parents (including caregivers/significant persons in child’s life) are equal partners with the PCE in the planning and monitoring of services.

• Services to families and children will be comprehensive, and available to all family members.

• The PCE will ensure that families are treated with respect and are supported while being served, and that all of the partners are cognizant of each other’s strengths and limitations.

• The PCE will advocate for families with various levels of need, including the need for preventive and early intervention services for families within their communities.

• PCE will have available sufficient crisis response capacity to meet the needs of the children and families it serves.

• The PCE will advocate for system change at the macro level, and the integration and coordination across departments or systems at the local level.

• The PCE will ensure that there is a mutual education process for children, families, communities, organizations, and the PCE to reach optimal outcomes for children and families.

• The PCE will participate in the development of creative, innovative solutions and new services, resources based on the needs and preferences of children and families throughout Essex County.


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